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Do you like Charcounter?


Thanks so much for this awesome tool! Its better than A LOT of the other word counters I've used!!!!! :) Keep it up!

Lupa Nama

good site, i can use this tool for my blog post in seo contest


Awesome website .. Perfectly works !! Never off !! No Ads !! Perfect UI .. Simple, East and Faster .. Keep rocking :)


Great site, but i'd like to add it as a search engine in google chrome so that I could bind a shorthand access to it (say typing "cc" followed by the text). This could be problematic for long texts though.


Thank you for this awesome service! <3

P. Richter

Althoug the button "English" has been pressed, no English correction is being made. German text, however, is being corrected. Why such a difference?