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Do you like Charcounter?

G and M

This word counter is better than sex!!!


Is there a clear button? If there isn't, I think it might be great to add one. Otherwise, AWESOME!

Jaqlyn B....

this is so great! It's so easy and it's amazing! I was working on a report and was wondering about this info. This helped me BIG TIME! Keep it up!!


This is hands down the best characters counter I have ever seen. Not only it is working in real time (so not like in the others - paste text, press count characters), but also is making distinction for white spaces etc. Good job.


Thanks so much for this awesome tool! Its better than A LOT of the other word counters I've used!!!!! :) Keep it up!

Lupa Nama

good site, i can use this tool for my blog post in seo contest